Message from Director

It is my pleasure to introduce our company Moonlight Nepal Trekking and Adventure is a registered company of the Nepalese Government’s Ministry of Tourism. You may know that the efforts to support the operations of the charity school in Nepal, the Moonlight Nepal Trekking company has been offering a complete educational and travel experience for international school students.

Moonlight Nepal Trekking and Adventure is the only company in Nepal that specifically targets and provides established international school trips to our many partner schools around the world. Our services and Nepal have proven to be culturally and personally enriching for our previous international students. Please be confident that we will provide premium quality travel and learning experience with 100% safety and comfort for your students.

Our trip offers opportunities for students to enjoy and enrich their understanding of Nepal, including its culture, society, history, people, whilst being exposed to the breathtakingly monolithic environment of the Himalayas. Our programs also allow international students to spend time co-learning with students within the non-profit Moonlight School through participation in classroom games, teach lessons, and experience cultural interactions.

If you are scheduling your school overseas trip including Nepal, please take your time to know about our service-oriented, social enterprise, travel company. Moonlight Nepal Trekking offers a complete educational travel experience for international students with 100% safety and comfort.

We really look forward to build the good relationship with your school. Let’s partner together to shape a better world and build a more sustainable future for the most underprivileged Nepalese children.

Thank you!

Santosh Koirala
Founder/ Managing Director
Moonlight Nepal Trekking and Adventure P.Ltd