Sustainable Projects for the International Students

The Moonlight School in Kathmandu, Nepal would be honored to create a long-term relationship with your school.  If your school is able to create a program that allows students to return to Nepal year after year, it would greatly benefit Moonlight School. Not only would your support allow us to increase enrollment at our school, the sustainable project that you choose to work on would also be extremely beneficial to our community.  It would be helpful to pick an area of focus that meets the needs of your school culture. We welcome a long-term collaborative project with your school with the purpose of improving the lives of young students in Nepal.

Our focus is on offering quality education for underprivileged students in Nepal. We have started Moonlight School with the goal of offering long-term, high-quality education for children from poor families.  We feel this objective clearly aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Of course, as a trekking company we also have a responsibility to offer environmentally sustainable trekking journeys.  We want to make sure that what we pack in, we pack out. We want to eliminate plastic water bottles and maintain a pristine mountain environment by removing litter from the trekking trails.

We are committed to implementing the following long-term projects to benefit Moonlight students. Each specific need has the potential to be a collaborative and long-term sustainable project between Moonlight School and your students.

  1. Toilet Blocks
    1. Construct new bathrooms for students. We currently have only 3 bathrooms for 100 students. There is an opportunity for your your students to help in the construction or building of much-needed additional toilet blocks. This would involve students mixing concrete and brick work.
    2. Improve the quality of the bathrooms. We would like to also have a long-term plan to improve the style of the bathrooms.
    3. Beautify the toilet blocks. Work on this project would involve painting the walls, adding lighting and better door and locks.
  2. Beautification of the overall campus
    1. Plant gardens, paint walls, and/or design murals for classroom.
    2. Create or purchase new signage for the school.
    3. Improve doorways and entrances to the school.
    4. Improve the school boundary wall. It is currently too short and students are constantly losing balls or toys over the wall. There are also some damaged parts of the wall. We would prefer to have a stronger and higher wall. This project would involve designing a concept for the wall and also building the wall. Finally, some beautification of the wall with painting or murals or plants.
    5. Support additional projects to be determined in collaboration with Moonlight School and your students to improve the overall beauty of our school.
  3. Sanitation
    1. Build a new sanitation station for students to wash their hands.
    2. Create a safe area for students and staff to wash their lunch dishes.
    3. Support Moonlight School in the purchase of a sink and hire a plumber to install the new sink.
  4. Community Garden
    1. Create a community garden for students and families to access. This involves planting various vegetables and creating shade structures to protect plants from birds and the sun.
    2. Design an irrigation system for watering the garden. The goal is to create a garden that will be sustainable and easy for students to grow food.
    3. Implement long-term solutions and upgrades to increase the output from the garden.
  5. Library
    1. Design a school library that can be used for students ages 4 to 12. This involves building or purchasing furniture and bookshelves. We need some carpentry skills to install the book shelves.
    2. Supply the library with a variety of English books and other learning resources for the students.
  6. Shade Protection
    1. Design a shade cover for our outdoor grass area. Currently this area becomes very hot during the day as it is in direct sunlight. We would like to build a shade cover to offer protection to this area. This involves designing how to secure the shade cover and also finding funds to purchase the canvas. Help to install the shade cover is needed.
    2. Design shade covers for other common areas of the courtyard.